Looking for the essence of things and the stories they tell.

Photographing light and telling stories with actors , models , cities, animals and nature.

Spanish born , educated  and  resident in the USA . Currently in London.

Extensive international experience in photography stills and film. Starting at a very young age as a research photographer for stylist Patricia Fields' projects and also assisting to very well established New York professionals  in different fields, such as : photography, set design and production.

Lived a self thought short but very successful career as a  hair and make up artist in New York, represented by L'Atelier. Becoming Elisabeth Arden's artist and working for all major publications and fashion brands worldwide.

Currently focused  on personal film and portrait projects photographing actors , models and other experimental  film projects. Also working as  an executive producer in many different countries in Europe & South America  and producing  world wide commercial campaigns for fashion clients and product brands , such as : NIKE, ADIDAS, MERCEDES BENZ, RANGE ROVER, CONDE NAST, OTTO, RIVER ISLAND, MARKS&SPENCER, H&M. TOAST, BOADEN, VAMP, VOGUE, BLOOMINGDALE'S, MACY'S, SONY , PEPSI . etc.


UK +44 (0) 7917 439721